Island interests

Getting away from empty beaches: A passport to real community

Arts & Music, History & Heritage, Lismore, Mainland Shetland, Press, South Ronaldsay

By Annie Delin. Published in Scottish Islands Explorer. February / March 2023. Everyone knows that Scotland’s islands are wild, deserted, spectacularly…

Arran, the not so remote isle

Arran, Food & Drink, Island enthusiast, Outdoor Activities

By Robin McKelvie Off to Arran! Seeking a ‘remote’ or ‘untouched’ Scottish isle, the type so beloved of gushing TV presenters? Well, sorry, but you…

Artistic talents will ‘rub off’ on island tourists as passport stamps developed

Arts & Music, Mainland Shetland, Press

By Andrew Hirst. Published in The Shetland Times, Arts & Entertainment on Friday 27th January 2023. Dawn…