Work with us

From time to time there will be opportunities to work with the SIP team to help us develop the project.  All info on current opportunities will be posted here.

Island Stories: Open Call

We’re looking for islanders who want to share stories of their island homes.

The Scottish Islands Passport app was released into app stores in summer 2021 and, to help celebrate the Year of Scotland’s Stories, our spring 2022 release will include an audio element which will feature islanders sharing stories about their islands. These can be folk tales, historic stories or stories of daily life.

You are welcome to record stories using your mobile phone as long as they meet the required quality standards.

We will pay a fixed fee of £75 per story provided, including transcripts and associated materials set out in the brief.

Interested in submitting a story? Download the audio brief to find out how you can apply to provide a story. Ongoing deadline.

Audio Brief (PDF)

Island Photography: Open Call

We’re looking for photographers who want to help us show off our islands at their best.

Submit your best shots of our islands to our photography pool and, if your image is selected for use on the project we will pay you for non-exclusive rights to use your image for up to 2 years.

We’re asking you to save hi-res images to Dropbox (free accounts available) using a specific file name structure – you will need to read the brief and submission form for more info – and to share the Dropbox folder with us.  That way you retain control of where your images are stored and can remove them from the pool at any time.  We won’t save your photos elsewhere unless we are paying you to use them and they will only be visible to the people you allow to access the Dropbox folder.

Interested in finding out more? Download the photographer brief and the submission form below. Ongoing deadline.

You can view some of our other photographers images here.