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Do you think we have missed an experience that should be listed for your island?  We’d be happy to hear from you!

What we are looking for

As you can imagine, with 72 diverse islands to cover it was important to create some guidelines for what we include on our app to ensure consistency and make our content user friendly.

In general, experiences we list must be something folk can actively participate in. We also need to be able to provide a reasonable amount of information / guidance about an experience.  To us an active experience could be something like:

  • hiring a kayak;
  • exploring a nature reserve;
  • visiting a museum;
  • watching a craft demonstration;
  • guided tasting sessions.

Shops and eating out

Given the number of shops and eateries on some of our islands, we do not generally include something as an experience where folk are simply making a purchase or buying a meal.  There has to be something else which the visitor can participate in.

For example, whilst we wouldn’t normally include a cheese shop, we would consider adding it if there was an opportunity for visitors to learn about cheese making through displays, demonstrations and / or viewing windows.

We do occasionally make exceptions for some of our smaller islands which have less listings than others but, even then, we ask folk to provide information on something specific to make the experience stand out from the crowd in order to be considered.

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