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Kirsten Gow and Sarah Compton-Bishop

We think Scotland’s islands are pretty amazing – from the stunning scenery and the local produce to the diverse culture and endless opportunities for adventure.

Our aim is to help more people enjoy more of Scotland’s islands throughout the year which is why we have developed an app to help you do just that. This website will keep you up to date on project progress.

As islanders ourselves, we know that it’s important to promote sustainable tourism that celebrates island life without adversely impacting local communities. We’ll be working with islanders from Unst all the way to Arran as we develop the project.

Island-Centred Ethos

We work to an island-centred ethos which includes:

  • Actively seeking ways to work with island communities and individual islanders to bring the project to their¬†community, and paying them for the work they do.
  • Developing resources on an island-first basis (for example, digital resources which work effectively on the islands).
  • Ensuring that opportunities to work with us are promoted via island-specific networks such as the Scottish Islands Federation, as well as wider routes.¬†
  • Prioritising¬†island-based businesses for support and promotion in the resources we develop.
  • Ensuring that we use photography which includes a variety of aspects of island life, including human habitation.
  • Ensuring that the voices of contemporary islanders are represented on our steering group.

We also recognise that Scotland islands are incredibly diverse. We are working hard to try and ensure that the project works for all of our islands – from the smallest to the largest. To do that we know we need to tailor the way we work with island communities as much as possible to take into account their individual aspirations, capacity for involvement, and infrastructure.

Although we know a lot about islands, we strongly believe that the folk living on each island are always the experts on their own island home. Our small team works hard to engage with as many folk as possible across the 72 islands we cover but, if you feel we have missed something important on your island home, please do let us know.

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Sarah Compton-Bishop and Kirsten Gow are job-share Project Managers for the Scottish Island Passport project, working from their home island of Jura in Argyll.

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