Shaping Our Islands

Coll, History & Heritage, Island enthusiast, Lewis, Papa Westray, Unst

Shaping Our Islands travelogue By Robin McKelvie In the world of glossy TV documentaries the soaring mountains and tumbling glens of Scotland are left, front…

Shetland, never ‘The Shetlands’

Bressay, East Burra, Fair Isle, Fetlar, Foula, Island enthusiast, Mainland Shetland, Northern Isles, Papa Stour, Unst, Whalsay, Yell

Viking heritage By Robin McKelvie The Shetlands are perhaps the most misunderstood island in Scotland. See what I’ve done there? They are never ‘The Shetlands’;…

An introduction By Robin McKelvie

Arran, Coll, Fetlar, Island enthusiast, Jura, Lismore, Muck, Mull, Papa Westray, Skye, Ulva, Unst, Wyre

We’ve teamed up with talented travel writer Robin McKelvie to bring you a series of blogs sharing our mutual love of the Scottish Islands. Read…