Fetlar | Yolanda Bruce

Ask an Islander

We headed to the North Isles where we are heard all about Fetlar from islander Mykala who loves winter on the island.

“The thing about winter on Fetlar that I like the most has to be the weather. Although it’s not the best generally, it creates some spectacular views and waves along the coasts of the island.”

What about rainy days? We asked islander Mykala what she would recommend for visitors on a rainy day in Fetlar and she point us in the direction of Fetlar Interpretive Centre.

The museum includes a range of exhibits – from knitting and maritime heritage, to film from the island in the 1930s and an award-winning section on Sir William Watson Cheyne and his contribution to antiseptic surgery.

But for Mykala, the outdoors provides the best enjoyment, as she tells us. “My favourite parts of island life would probably be the island community and the beaches. An activity I would recommend for a sunny day would be coasteering – but there are plenty of beaches too. Visitors often miss the hidden beaches along the island, so it’s worth exploring.”

Fetlar sounds incredible, but what’s the best thing about island life for Mykala? And she simply tells us that “My favourite part about island life has to be the freedom and variety it offers.”

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Getting Here

You will need to travel via Mainland Shetland and Yell to reach Fetlar. 

Once you are on Mainland Shetland, take the ferry operated by Shetland Ferries from Toft to Ulsta on Yell. Bus connections (Service 24Y) are available from here to Gutcher where Shetland Ferries operates a service to Fetlar.

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