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Ask an Islander

For our ‘ask an islander’ feature in social media Catriona from Eriskay Shop gave us the lowdown on island life. As well as all the daily essentials, this locally run co-operative also stocks local products and crafts. 

Catriona’s favourite time of the year is summer. “I love the Summer on Eriskay,” she says. “Walks along the beautiful beaches make it my favourite season”. 

But winter has a special allure too, as Catriona explains. “The things I like most about the winter on the island are the moody, changing colours and the dramatic waves. Our well known Eriskay ponies come back from the hill too.”

These famous four-legged islanders are very special indeed. The last living link to Scotland’s native horse, this endangered species is not only a majestic sight to behold but is woven deeply through the island’s history. While they may roam free, each pony is registered with a ‘passport’, and has an owner who regularly feeds and schedules veterinary and farrier care for them (so please don’t feed the ponies as you may cause them harm!).

In 1972 The Eriskay Pony Society – Comann Each nan Eilean was established to “safeguard and conserve the Eriskay Pony”. They have a beautiful website filled with fascinating information relating to these fine animals – and you can donate to their cause via the website. 

When we asked Catriona what the best thing about island life was, she simply told us that “it has to be the peace and quiet!”

Gaelic / Gàidhlig

The Gaelic name for Eriskay is Èirisgeigh.

Want to say ‘pony’ in Gaelic? That would be ‘pònaidh‘.

Getting Here

You can reach Eriskay via a causeway from South Uist or via ferry from Ardmhor on Barra operated by CalMac Ferries.

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