East Burra | Calum Toogood

Ask an Islander

We headed north to Shetland where Dave from the Outpost told us about all that East Burra has to offer. Here are a few suggestions of things you can do when you visit.

“Bring a picnic to The Outpost and feed the animals – there’s usually feed in the honesty boxes and you might even spy an otter in the water nearby – and then take a walk along the coastline or ramble out to the ruins at Symbister.

“Perhaps even a horse ride at Houlls Horses & Hounds (just past the community hall).

“You could take advantage of the views and wander the area, visiting the multiple arts and crafts places we have scattered across the east isle. There are lots of talented designers, artists, musicians, and writers such as Designs by Deborah at Kyrrhus, Trowie Knowe Crafts, Mike at Red Houss Shetland, Wendy’s Burra Bears, the Mam Houss kiosk, and don’t forget to check out poet and writer Jen Hadfield.”

We were keen to learn more about East Burra’s hidden gems. Dave tells us that the Meadows Road is often missed. “We hear fairly regularly from people that they ‘have never been on this road before’ and have often missed out on Meadows Road. When they do venture down, they are always pleasantly surprised and glad to have taken the little detour. On Meadows Road we have Burra Bears, The Outpost, and Red Houss Shetland. There’s also the new collaborative art kiosk at Houss, at the top of the main road just past the Meadows Road turn off.”

We were keen to find out what Dave’s favourite time of the year was in the island. “Summer time!” he says. “One of the best Sunday Teas anywhere in Shetland is at The Bridge End Community Hall which has been a highlight in summers past. The helpers and home bakers always put on an amazing spread with a wide range of superb grub.

“The walks around the East Isle are great and with the long summer days there’s no rush to get back before it gets dark which gives you plenty of time to take in all the beautiful scenery and wildlife the island has to offer.

“There’s the opportunity to go horse riding and pull up at The Outpost hitching post to stop off for a cuppa or some home brew.

“Also picnics and barbies at The Outpost are a ripper! Always good brews, good Aussie sweets, and the occasional bit of live music.”

Finally, we ask Dave what his favourite thing about island life is: “Serenity. Peace and quiet, the small friendly community and it’s a great place for kids growing up. Total peace of mind. Neighbours looking out for each other and giving a helping hand without complaint. You don’t ever have to travel far to find a bonnie place here and we have experiences and places on our doorstep that other folk can only dream of – we’re very lucky.”

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Getting Here

East Burra is joined to Mainland Shetland via a series of bridges and causways linking the islands of Trondra, West Burra and East Burra. 

A local bus (Service 5) from Scalloway travels through Trondra and West Burra and then on to Houss in East Burra. The bus connects with Service 4 from Lerwick at Blydoit.

There is a ‘shopper’ bus service connecting the island directly to Lerwick every Thursday.

More information: getting to Mainland Shetland

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