What’s New For 2024?


The Scottish Islands Passport app – free to download from app stores – has had a refresh for 2024!   

With funding support from Paths for All, we’ve added some fun new features to the app so that people can collect new stamps and island points as they explore the islands by walking and wheeling, by bike and on public transport.   In addition to the much-loved stamps folk can collect when they visit islands, these new collectibles work using our island geo-fence technology and some nifty AI to capture your active and sustainable island travels.    

There have been some tweaks to our island maps to show digital and physical stamp points and we’re continually working to keep our island content fresh – we love getting your feedback to help us stay up to date.  If you’ve got a new island experience we should add to the free app, just tell us about it here: https://islands.scot/submit-an-experience/ .    

We’re a small team (of 1 and a bit!) covering 72 islands, so the support and feedback we get from islanders, businesses and community representatives helps keep the voices of islanders at the heart of what we do.    

If you’re based on an island and would like your very own island poster to help spread the word, just complete the quick form on our website and we can send you digital or printed versions: https://islands.scot/the-passport/information-for-retailers/#poster  

We’re also delighted to be building our wee collection of island travelogues.  These colourful pocket-sized companions provide island inspo with a twist! We’ll take you on a thematic island adventure, exploring islands big and small all around the coast to inspire your next island adventure and maybe even introduce you to some new islands.  With space to take rubbings of our beautiful brass stamps located on the islands, you can also scribble and sketch your own memories creating a unique momento or a special gift.  ‘Meet the Makers’ and ‘Shaping our islands’ are on sale now with our lovely friends over at Isle20, with new travelogues coming very soon! https://www.isle20.com/market/scottish-islands-passport/   

If you’d like to join our network of retailers, check it out: https://islands.scot/the-passport/information-for-retailers/   

As well as sprucing up our content on active and sustainable travel to and on the islands, we’re working on bringing together better information on more accessible options.  We’re delighted to be working with Helen aka @wheelybraw who’s helping us with our content and will be doing a blog post for us too.  And if you need some island reading and dreaming in the meantime, check out our other blogs from none other than Robin McKelvie https://islands.scot/blog/ .  We’re so excited to be starting the year with these new developments.  Although we love being on our home islands, we’re excited to be planning our own trips to some other islands over the coming months.   

Keep an eye on our socials for more!  @islandspass @Scottishislandspassport